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♥ Loved you once, love you still, always have, always will ♥

4 July
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About Me
Avi si my real name, Indonesia is my real Country. Red, Pink and Orange are the color of my life. The words "Age is just a number" reflects me coz I'm more than 20 & I don't act like one. Some words that describe myself: Blunt, cheerful, emo, full of energy, short hair, Muslim, childish, smiley, overreacting, long legs, tall, lazy ass, pedobear, friendly, sister complex, Junsu bias etc. Check out my Intro for moar.
My Miracles
I LOVE DBSK & Xiah Junsu is the man of my life. I also adore these talented people: SuJu (Sungmin), SS501 (Baby Joon), Tegoshi Yuya, Wonder Girls, U-Kiss, 2PM (Junho), BigBang (Seungri), TegoMassu, W-inds, Hey Say Jump! (YamaJima, Ryutaro, Keito, Inoo), Arashi, Lead, Orange Range, Laruku, 4Minute, After School, 2ne1. And My OTP keep me smile everyday : YamaJima, KyuMin and KeMaru. My life couldn't get better without all of them
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